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  1. Utilikilts x Miss USA

    Elizabeth Koller is kicking some significant ass to dominate this year’s Miss USA competition. But, before she can do that, she must swipe the crown of Rhode Island. Tiny state, enormous challenge.
    When we first met Elizabeth, we were perplexed. She hit us up to raise money for her registration fees – a request we never [...]

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  2. Camo Utilikilts ON SALE!

    We’re offering a slick sale for our current and new customers! Camo Utilikilts–both Survivals and Original– are on SALE. The perfect summer weight kilt (and currently the lightest kilt we make), the Desert and Sage Camo fabric is a 100% cotton ripstop. The Original in Camo is on sale for $150, and [...]

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  3. Utilikilts for Burning Man

    BURNERS! Your absolute last day to purchase and have your kilt shipped regular GROUND shipping to arrive before you leave for Burning Man is Friday Aug 19 (kilts purchased by this time will arrive by Fri Aug 26) at 3pm. Make sure you order by PHONE, and tell us you’re a silly procrastinating burner so [...]

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  4. Utilikilts & Blessed Bee in Kenosha News

    The Blessed Bee Boutique and Utilikilts were interviewed by the Kenosha News.

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  5. Utilikilts in Netherlands’ Newspaper

    Sybren Vis of the House of Carrynette in the Netherlands, was interviewed by the Leeuwarder Courant newspaper.

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  6. Utilikilts on NPR

    http://www. kuow. org/program. php?id=15216
    When it comes to below–the–belt clothing, men have two options: pants or shorts. Those options weren’t enough for Steven Villegas. He wears nothing but kilts. And he wants other men to wear kilts, too … specifically, his kilts. He’s the creator of the Utilikilt, a locally built, rugged–looking kilt. Jeannie Yandel gets [...]

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  7. Postman Fights to make Utilikilts Official Postal Uniform!
    Yes… Postmen can wear Utilikilts legally in Washington, Oregon and a few other states…
    But wouldn’t a National Uniform Alternative be awesome!
    Great story…

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  8. Utilikilts Coming Soon to The Netherlands!

    The House of Carrynette (COMING SOON)
    Highland Outfitters, Pipeband Suppliers, Celtic Jewellers
    Ouddeelstraat 3b
    The Netherlands

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  9. Tie Dye Kilts in stock!

    Remember our Corduroy kilts? Well, we took a special group of them and sent em off to our friend Arlene at Tye Dye Everything in Moscow, Idaho…. and we have just received them back!
    Click here to see photos…

    Here is the first group of kilts. If you want to see any of them up close, click [...]

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  10. TKN and Utilikilts in the Washington Post

    The Washington Post has just posted a really cool article about one of our favorite retailers: The Kilted Nation! There is also quite a lot in the article about Utilikilts, as well.
    Check out the full store on the Washington Post’s web site…

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