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  1. 2014 Winter / Spring Anti-Catalog

    The 2014 Winter / Spring Anti-Catalog is Live!
    …Yes 3 months later than the ‘quarterly’ date. And yes at this point we should change the name to the bi-whenever-it-might-come-out newsletter. But dominating the world takes time! And that’s exactly what we’re doing. So wipe your tears, misfits, and prepare yourselves [...]

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  2. He Conquers, Who Conquers Himself

    Coming to terms with culture in the classroom
    By Chris Wilson
    November 12, 2013
    My kilt arrived in the mail today.
    When I was in eighth grade my mom took me shopping for some new clothes at some of the gnarliest stores the 1980s had to offer. I scored a righteous, grey tweed trench coat with black leather patches [...]

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  3. 2013 Summer / Spring Anti-Catalog

    To start things off, allow me to answer the question all of you are thinking, “Where the hell have you been for the last six months!!??”
    And the answer is: making kilts like nobody’s business, Son!
    Luckily though, we found a break in production [...]

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  4. 2012 Winter Anti-Catalogue

    Summer season is officially over. So, for all you, that means boots, thicker socks and much more whiskey.
    For us, it means time to make some revolutionary changes.
    We got a lot of updates to give you, but, before we begin, allow me to first introduce [...]

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  5. 2012 Spring Anti-Catalogue

    Welcome welcome to the Spring 2012 installment of your favourite publication from your favourite kilt maker!
    This quarter finds us waist deep in our events season already, and the summer ramp-up of kilt sales starting a bit early, so, if you’ll pardon the lack of further introduction, we’ll get right to it.
    Grab your mimosas, and [...]

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  6. 2011 Winter Anti-Catalogue

    Greetings and Hallucinations Utilikiltarians! It is I, your friendly neighbourhood Utilikilt-girl, Jenneviere, here to share with you the epic Winter Anti-Catalogue.

    Our summer season is officially over, and we have a metric shit-ton of really important things to share with you, so we’re not going to beat around the kilted bush, we’re just [...]

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  7. 2010 Summer Anti-Catalogue

    Summer is in full swing here at UKHQ, and our Disco Season busy-ness has us all running around like headless poultry. But lest you think we’ve somehow forgotten you, dear reader, we sat down and scribbled out the summer edition of our quarterly-ish publication. Now, admittedly, we wrote this on cocktail napkins during [...]

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  8. 2010 Spring Anti-Catalogue

    Round up the cattle, gather the horses, and protect yer wimmin… Spring is here, and The Utilikilts Company is feeling a little twitterpated.
    What’s that you say? Why, yes! We HAVE made a few changes around here. So kind of you to notice.
    First, we’d like to welcome the spritely Jenneviere back to the Sales Department in [...]

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  9. 2009 December Anti-Catalogue

    Greetings, fellow Utilikiltarians, friends, family, and readers of the Utilikilts Anti-Catalogue.
    As you may have noticed, you haven’t received a publication from us since July.  Some of you have sent us lovely messages, checking in and making sure we’re all right.  Thanks for your concern, and yes, we’re doing fine.  We’ve just been busy as hell, [...]

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  10. News

    News from the Sales Front
    You know, some months, we really have to try to MAKE news happen around here, to fill up this here newsletter. But not now. Right now, tons of cool-assed stuff is happening, and I gotta say, a lot of it is due to our Production Manager, Amy, who just hit her [...]

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