Celtic Belt (2.5 inch)

These Celtic style kilt belts are a solid 2.5 inches of sweet dead cow, and come in plain black, or brown embossed with celtic knotwork. As with all of our belts, these are hand crafted in the good ole U. S. of A. The front center tabs are slightly narrower than the rest of the belt, ensuring that your kilt will stay up, but you'll still be able to bend over at the waist (belts that are thick in front can sometimes be painful to try to bend *around*). The shiny nickel buckle is sturdy and tough, so you can rest assured that you can pack your pockets full of all the crap you want, and your kilt ain't comin' down.
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Belt Sizing

To size correctly, first, know your kilt size! For most people, we recommend matching the first number on the belt to the size of your kilt. So if your kilt is a 32, you want to order the 32-36 -- not the 30-34.

If you're on the far end of your Switchback adjustability and want your belt on the looser side, you might consider sizing up.

If you have any questions at all, give us a call at (206) 282-4226. We're here to help.


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Warranty & Returns

Warranty& Returns

Please remember, all sales are final, we do not give refunds. But within 90 days, we observe a full guarantee on craftsmanship issues, and will either repair or replace at our discretion. We reserve the right to charge a repair fee (minimum $10) and/or return shipping fees (minimum $15.75) if we determine that the issue is beyond normal wear and tear, beyond proper sizing or care issues, or beyond manufacturers defect. Likewise, we reserve the right to charge a laundering fee (an insulting $50: don’t send us dirty kilts, dammit! Seriously, it’s not cool) if the kilt sent to us is dirty, smelly, or otherwise in need of a wash.

To begin the return process, please send an email with your NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER, MAILING ADDRESS, & A DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE/PROBLEM YOU ARE EXPERIENCING WITH YOUR UTILIKILT to: contact@utilikilts.com


Wanna swap colours, styles, or sizes? Check this:
We accept exchanges of new, unworn and unwashed kilts, within 30 days of purchase. Exchanges are subject to a $20 restocking fee. Customer is responsible for shipping to and from The Utilikilts Company RMA Department.

Non-Warranty Repair

Need your kilt fixed? We can help!
After 90 days: Customer pays for shipping to UK, repair fee (minimum $10) and return shipping (minimum $15.75). If you send us a dirty kilt, we WILL charge you a laundering fee of $50. Be nice and wash that thing before sending it to us. Our seamstresses thank you in advance. Follow the RMA instructions above to get the process started.