If you’re ready for the ultimate in Utilikilt luxury and functionality, then the Survival is the Utilikilt you’ve been dreaming of. A favourite kilt amongst our hiking crowd, the Survival is basically the Original, the Mocker, and the Workmans, spliced together with a bunch of new features on top. It’s more than a Utilikilt: it’s a way of life.

Requested by adventurer and tattoo historian Vince Hemingson and worn by the original “Survivor” contestant Richard Hatch (O.K., he was naked most of the time, but he totally wore it on TV), the Survival is the most advanced Utilikilt we offer. It’s the Cadillac. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, planning a three-week camping trip into the Black Rock Desert, or just looking for a way to carry 20 bottles of beer, the Survival is the kilt for you.

The Survival features the deep internal slant pockets of the Mocker, plus a pair of detachable side-saddle cargo pockets (each with its own closure flap and belt loops.) The black, basil, tan, and mocha Survivals are constructed out of a luxuriously soft and supple 9 oz 100% cotton twill. The desert digi camo Survivals are a lighterweight 6.5 oz 100% cotton ripstop. These aren’t the Workmans, boys. These kilts aren’t designed to take a beating and come out on the other side and thank you for it. You don’t take your Cadillac off-roading like you do your Jeep. But wearing the Survival kilt is an experience all it’s own.

Each cargo pocket on the Survival can be pulled off and used like a belt pack. Wading across a river and don’t want to get your stuff wet? Pull off the cargo pockets, stuff the rest of the Utilikilt inside and toss it across to shore. Pockets stuffed full as you get to the airport? Pull off the pockets, drop them on the x-ray conveyor belt, and stride on through the metal detector. Each cargo pocket is equipped with elastic-rimmed gussets, so it’ll expand to fit all your junk, and fold right back to flat after use. Wear the Survival for awhile and you’ll be shocked at just how useful these removable pockets really are.

The two rear pockets don’t come off, but they are elastic rimmed and can hold a heroic amount of stuff. Wear your Survival Utilikilt and you might just leave that Hello Kitty backpack at home.

The Survival’s maximum capacity is 20 Bottles of the survival beverage of your choice. That’s six in the front slant pockets, ten in the cargo pockets and four in the back. With the Survival around your waist, you’ll never go thirsty.

Other Features:

  • Key clasp on the front of the Survival keeps your massive keychain out of the way and leaves room for more beer in the pockets.
  • The Survival introduces our new modesty closure system. Using a simple button and loop setup, the new system keeps your Utilikilt closed in even the toughest wind so you won’t flash your buddies on the trail. Another loop and button pulls the front and back of the Survival together, keeping your ass covered for those long climbs up a windy mountain, the gust of wind on the deck of your sailboat, or long drunken nights sleeping one off on some strange couch.
  • Circular UK trinity logo (Form Follows Function) and “Utilikilts” printed in block letters below.