Utilikilter of the Month

We’re Gonna Make You A Star!

Every month we select one customer to profile in our Utilikiltarian Newsletter. That customer wins a free Utilikilt™! (Up to the Survival model, with free shipping in the Contiguous United States) .
Do you want to win a free Utilikilt? Well here’s how the Utilikiltarian of the Month Contest works:

  1. Copy the questions and release statement from the box below and paste them in the body of an e-mail
  2. Fill in your answers
  3. Attach some great pictures of yourself in your Utilikilts*(At least 5 photos, please).
  4. Send your answers and photos to News@Utilikilts.com

Feel free to be as verbose or succinct as you like. Let us know what makes you tick. Excellent photos are a great way to win, but a really interesting guy with mediocre photos (especially if they were damaged in the explosion, or by a large sea creature with lots of teeth and/or tentacles) has a good shot at winning, too.
To help you become a star, here are some helpful tips for both photos and videos:

  • We’re in it for the pictures of the kilt. Sure, we’re in it for YOU in the kilt, but clear, clean shots of the kilt are mundo importado. (Make a mental note: if you are in the “I don’t have a Utilikilt but I’ll enter this contest because I really really really want one” group, please, save your time and ours. This contest is open only to pre-existing customers. Purchase your first kilt like every other customer out there, and THEN send us a UKer of the Month entry). Plus, we’ve found that our kilts look best when shot straight-on, so your photographer or videographer friends need to get down on their knees for this job. Or, they could get a tripod.

  • Don’t forget the feet! Second only to the kilt, feet, whether in footwear or not, are necessary in the photo. Pictures or video without feet is essentially useless, no matter how great the shot.

  • Be Original! While we love to get the Classic Utilikilt* Photo (arms crossed over chest, 3/4 turn, head to toe shot), you might be able to guess just how many of those we actually have. We give points for originality, so get your friends to shoot you while skateboarding, or breathing fire, or climbing Everest, or wrestling with an Orc, or chasing a scurvy wench, or mowing the lawn, or whatever. Similarly, while we have tons of photos of the Black Original, we’re not sitting on much by way of Spartan, Tuxedo, or Leather photos—or, for that matter, funky dyed kilts, modded kilts, or any other things you crazy, wacky, free folks might do to your garments.

  • When in doubt, bigger is better. We can always make them smaller, but if we’re going to make you 10-foot-tall famous, that original photo better be big!

  • Misc can be mensch, too. We dig kilt pics. But the picture of that public sculpture that you covered entirely in Utilikilts* stickers?? We wanna see that, too. Your new bride and her bridesmaids in their matching “release” tanks? Beauty. Send it. Or, honor of honors, your Utilikilts* tattoo??? PLEASE, SEND IT! (Really. We’re starting a tattoo archive, and we’re going to make you a star. Send it.)

So take your photos, gather your interview, send them in to news@utilikilts.com, and then keep checkin’ the monthly Newsletter: that’s where we’ll announce the winner!

Without Further Ado: The Questions



Where have you been?

Where are you at?

Where are you going?

Email Address (for UKHQ use only:  don't worry, we won't publish it)

Who are you?

What are you?

What do you do to pay the bills?

One day I was wearing my Utilikilt* and...

How is your Utilikilt changing the world?

If a Utilikilt* representative came to your town, would you put them up?

What kind of beer are you buying for the first round?

What question do you think this interview left out, and how would you have answered it?

Disclaimer and Release: By sending this email to the Utilikilts Company LLC, I grant the  Utilikilts Company LLC full rights to use the entire contents of this email for any purpose whatsoever, until the end of the universe. I  understand that the Utilikilts Company LLC might use the text and images enclosed in this email on their web site, in printed or online marketing materials, or as a target on the dartboard in the executive bathroom, and I am fine with that. I mean it. I am flattered that my image or words might be used by the company in any way, shape or form.

*Winners are eligible to receive a free Utilikilts kilt up to the Survivor model with free shipping to the Contiguous United States. Hawaii, Alaska, Guam or International shipping rates will apply.