2008 Mock-u-Mercial Contest

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What’s a Mock-u-Mercial?!?

It is a customer-produced TV ad for Utilikilts. What would YOUR vision of a Utilikilts tv commercial look like? Show us! Blow our minds! We’ll run it by our vicious maddog judging staff, and let you know if there is anything left once they are done with it!


Think you can do better? Prepare for the 2009 contest here! All the info you need to get started on your masterpiece is all there. Do a good job and you could win $2500 in Utilikilts merchandise! The latest Mock-u-mercial Contest is now closed. The current contest ended on April 30th.

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Kilts In Print Contest

Some people are proficient with video, others with print media. So we started the Kilts In Print contest! Design a print advertisement for Utilikilts. Win stuff. It really is as simple as that!

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Utilikiltarian of the Month Contest

Our customers are an amazing group of people, and they tend to be doing cool stuff with their life. Our UKer of the Month contest highlights one of these customers in our monthly Newsletter. If you are selected as the UKer of the Month, you win a free kilt! How cool is that?!?

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