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What’s a Mock-u-Mercial?!?

It is a customer-produced TV ad for Utilikilts. What would YOUR vision of a Utilikilts tv commercial look like? Show us! Blow our minds! We’ll run it by our vicious maddog judging staff, and let you know if there is anything left once they are done with it!


The latest Mock-u-mercial Contest is now closed. Sign up for the Utilikilts Anti-Catalogue,: we’ll announce the 2009 contest there first. For now, watch the archives, take some notes, and put on your thinking caps. The last winner of the MUM Contest won a $2500 shopping spree in our store, and the next winner could be you!

But you don’t have to wait for us to have a contest! The Woot Podcast Team surprised us with a little of their own M-U-M humor:

Check it out here!