Evangelist Program

What is a Evangelist??

Being a grassroots company for its first 9 years of business, word of mouth has been the Utilikilt’s main vehicle for exposure and direct sales. Our approach to growth has always been by making genuine connections, one person at a time. We are selling sunglasses, and most people will not know what a Utilikilt is. The most influencing factor behind every sale is, believe it or not – you.

The intention behind the Evangelist program is to give every Utilikilt-arian an incentive to engage with absolute strangers and create a warm introduction to Utilikilts as a product, culture and company. Talk openly about your experiences interacting with people you know, friends, family and absolute strangers about the impact wearing Utilikilts has had in your lifestyle.
Most people won’t know that there are different styles of Utilikilts. We like to connotate the styles of kilts to the different segments of Menswear. We carry casual, workwear and outdoors wear kilts. Each with different styles of pockets for different uses and specific fabrics for different functions.

Direct them to the website and enjoy the social phenomenon that is Utilikilts.

How It Works:

The Utilikilts Co will monitor your monthly web, phone and “Flagship” Utilikilts retail store sales (The commission is 7.5%) to NEW customers buying kilts using three tools. Sales to returning customers, scratch & dent or from re-sellers do not count.
Collect your Commissions:

1) You’ll get a hyperlink to a “cookie”, which has a link to the Utilikilts shopping cart. Use this as part of your email signature, or post this link online or in your social networking pages.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact
, otherwise:

Sign Up Here. (It’s our sign up page for events, but this is how we’ll contact you.)