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Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns



Please remember, all sales are final, we do not give refunds. But within 90 days, we observe a full guarantee on craftsmanship issues, and will either repair or replace at our discretion. We reserve the right to charge a repair fee (minimum $10) and/or return shipping fees (minimum $11.25) if we determine that the issue is beyond normal wear and tear, beyond proper sizing or care issues, or beyond manufacturers defect. Likewise, we reserve the right to charge a laundering fee (an insulting $50: don’t send us dirty kilts, dammit! Seriously, it’s not cool) if the kilt sent to us is dirty, smelly, or otherwise in need of a wash.



  1. TO BEGIN THE RETURN PROCESS, RECEIVE OUR RMA DEPARTMENT ADDRESS, AND RECEIVE A RETURN NUMBER, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM. (KILTS RETURNED WITHOUT A RETURN NUMBER WILL BE REFUSED BY RECEIVING. WE’RE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! Note – RMAs will not be taken over the phone, chat, carrier pigeon or any other form of communication that exists now or in the future that is not the aforementioned form.) 
  2. Submit the form and wait patiently for our RMA department to contact you. This will happen within the next business day of your submission. 
  3. Once you receive an ‘Approved’ email from our RMA department, pack up your kilt and send it to our RMA department WITH THE RMA # INCLUDED IN THE EMAIL (we recommend using UPS, FEDEX, or DHL for tracking purposes). You MUST put the RETURN NUMBER on the outside of the box, or we will refuse shipping.
  4. Your RMA is valid for up to 30 days. If we have not received your product within 30 days your RMA will close and will no longer be accepted.
  5. Once we have received your kilt, we can complete your RMA with the appropriate actions. If we have any questions or need any further information, we will contact you.




Wanna swap colours, styles, or sizes? Check this:

We accept exchanges of new, unworn and unwashed kilts, within 30 days of purchase. Exchanges are subject to a $20 restocking fee. Customer is responsible for shipping to and from The Utilikilts Company RMA Department.



Listen, we go through a lot of trouble to make sure that you order your kilt in the right size the FIRST TIME. We even went so far as to invent our own sizing system, based on a standard method of sizing (an inch is an inch is an inch, dig?), so that there’d be no confusion. Hell, we actually STOP you in the purchasing process, TWICE, to give you a popup about proper sizing. Anyone who knows anything about sales tells us that’s nuts, but we want you to get a kilt that fits correctly.

That said, it costs us time and money to handle your return, take that kilt back from you, put it back through our rigorous QC process, retag it, and put it back into our inventory systems. That’s what the restocking fee is for. You will not get out of the restocking fee, no matter how many strings you try to pull. Deal.



Need your kilt fixed? We can help!

After 90 days: Customer pays for shipping to UK, repair fee (minimum $10) and return shipping (minimum $11.25). If you send us a dirty kilt, we WILL charge you a laundering fee of $50. Be nice and wash that thing before sending it to us. Our seamstresses thank you in advance. Follow the RMA instructions above to get the process started. 



We do not do any sort of alterations. No taking in or out kilts. No changes in size. No custom embroidery. Nada. Chops and basic repairs: these are all we do. If you’ve lost or gained weight, and your kilt no longer fits, we suggest selling your debunked kilt on ebay. 



For international shipments, you must pay any and all customs fee that may arise. Yes. It’s more on top of international shipping rates. But once your kilt has left our warehouse, it’s all on UPS. That said, if they decide to charge a customs fee, there’s nothing we can do.