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Summer is here and so are 3 new Fantastic Utilikiltarians!


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We didn't know Utilikilts could do all THAT, but we'll take it, Dustin! Thanks for bringing us along as you live your Truest, Wildest Life...And Congrats, you've won yourself some new pleats!


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* * * * *

Scotland, you rock! From all of us, thank you for celebrating your Unbifurcated Freedom loud and proud, and a hearty Congratulations on your Graduation! Come on into the Store next time you're in town and get yourself something new. You deserve it!


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* * * * *

For someone who doesn't like to draw attention to himself, you've sure got a lot to say, Dennis! We love it and now you have 6 Utilikilts! You can start decanting that wine now by the way...



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