Celtic Embossed Belt

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Lets talk about belts! No seriously, measuring these out was a bit confusing but we want to clear everything up.


  • Those quotations means inches not pant size. Always use inches with both our kilts and belts to figure out your best size, that fits you perfect.   


  • We put the belt into a size range, so that when find your inch range of your kilt it transfers to belt sizes as well.


  • Each belt has 5 holes to adjust for size, and each hole is 1” apart


  • **If you’ve noticed by now some styles depending on color have different sizing ranges**
    • Why? Believe us we want to know why too…


  • If all else fails, give us a call at the store or send us an e-mail at websales@utilikilts.com

On to the fun info!


These Celtic style kilt belts are a solid 2.5 inches of sweet dead cow, embossed with Celtic knotwork. As with all of our belts, these are hand crafted in the good ole' U. S. of A. The front center tabs are slightly narrower than the rest of the belt, ensuring that your kilt will stay up, but you'll still be able to bend over at the waist (belts that are thick in front can sometimes be painful to try to bend *around*). The shiny nickel buckle is sturdy and tough, so you can rest assured that you can pack your pockets full of all the crap you want, and your kilt ain't comin' down.

To size correctly, first, know your kilt size! For most people, we recommend one size larger than the last number on the belt. So if your kilt is a 32, you want to order the 30-34.

If you're on the far end of your Switchback adjustability and want your belt on the looser side, you might consider sizing up.

If you have any questions at all, give us a call at (206) 282-4226. We're here to help.

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