The Spartan Utilikilt - Two-Tone

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**All Kilts by Utilikilts LLC are HANDMADE, which means they take time to produce. We pride ourselves in our consistent quality and hard work-- a Kilt that has been placed into OUT OF STOCK can take up to 12 weeks**


We all know you are looking for the explanation of size more than the description of the actual product. Here are some tips to help you out.


  • All Utilikilts have a switchback feature, meaning the waistband is adjustable.
  • Measure your waist with a tape measure, YOUR PANT SIZE IS NOT ACTUAL INCHES (pants have lied to you and you need the truth)
  • What size works best? We size to make sure you are in the middle of the inch range.


EXAMPLE! Let's say your inch measurement around your waist is 39” Inches, while it looks like you could fit into a size 34 you would not be able to expand it much especially if Christmas dinner got out of hand. So the best sizing would be the size 36 since this will give your room expand and contract.


  • Length! As we are not a traditional kilt, whatever length you choose is your preference, we have given basic guidelines to height but if you feel that shorter is more comfortable then you can choose the shortest length (Believe us, we do not judge)


Now that you have your size down, let's talk to about availability!


  • We still produce these by hand and in house. These take time to produce as we have made it a mission to get you the best quality product.
  • If we are out of stock we do apologize for any delay
  • What happens if my Item is out of stock? It goes into production, we do not forget about you nor do we ignore it. You are placed on a list to have your item produced as soon as we can get it done.
  • How long will my item be out of stock? It can take 2 week to 12 weeks (we know pants are torture but please let us know what we can do to help if you need it for an event or special function)


If you want the actual description of the product, please read below  ----->


Formerly known as the Original, The Spartan is lightweight, comfortable and comes with deep and functional side saddle cargo pockets. The Spartan is our simplest and most practical Utilikilt.

The Spartan is the Utilikilt that started it all – the garment our founder, Steven Villegas, invented back in 2000 to start a worldwide un-bifurcated revolution. The Spartan features the wrap-around “Neo-Traditional” closure with our trademark 6-dots, two deep, free-hanging side saddle cargo pockets, and is constructed out of an 7.5oz, 65/35 Poly/Cotton that resists fading and wear.

The Spartan’s Neo-Traditional styling allows for ample coverage in front. Like all Utilikilts, the Spartan is wrapped around your body and snapped closed. Take it off and it lays completely flat.

The Spartan’s 7.5 oz. cotton-poly fabric resists wear, shrinkage and wrinkles, and breathes well. It’s perfect for summer. For winter wear, you might want to check out the Workman Utilikilt. If you’re man enough, that is.


  • Switchback adjustability feature 
  • Loop & Toggle Modesty closure system (closes the pleats up while still looking good)
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