The Workman Utilikilt

Article number: WN30BKD24
Availability: On backorder
**All Kilts by Utilikilts LLC are HANDMADE, which means they take time to produce. We pride ourselves in our consistent quality and hard work-- a Kilt that has been placed into OUT OF STOCK can take up to 12 weeks**

We all know you are looking for the explanation of size more than the description of the actual product. Here are some tips to help you out.


  • All Utilikilts have a switchback feature, meaning the waistband is adjustable.
  • Measure your waist with a tape measure, YOUR PANT SIZE IS NOT ACTUAL INCHES (pants have lied to you and you need the truth)
  • What size works best? We size to make sure you are in the middle of the inch range.


EXAMPLE! Let's say your inch measurement around your waist is 39” Inches, while it looks like you could fit into a size 34 you would not be able to expand it much especially if Christmas dinner got out of hand. So the best sizing would be the size 36 since this will give your room expand and contract.


  • Length! As we are not a traditional kilt, whatever length you choose is your preference, we have given basic guidelines to height but if you feel that shorter is more comfortable then you can choose the shortest length (Believe us, we do not judge)


Now that you have your size down, let's talk to about availability!


  • We still produce these by hand and in house. These take time to produce as we have made it a mission to get you the best quality product.
  • If we are out of stock we do apologize for any delay
  • What happens if my Item is out of stock? It goes into production, we do not forget about you nor do we ignore it. You are placed on a list to have your item produced as soon as we can get it done.
  • How long will my item be out of stock? It can take 2 week to 12 weeks (we know pants are torture but please let us know what we can do to help if you need it for an event or special function)


If you want the actual description of the product, please read below  ----->


We can see you now, out there on the job site, headbanging to Slayer, your mullet hanging down to your shoulders, a big honking drill in one hand, a cold beer in the other and all your pants-wearing co-workers sweating their asses off and wondering how you got so damn cool.

The Workman was designed with the hard working man in mind. It comes in 12 oz. 100% cotton Duck cloth that feels just about tough enough to stop a nail gun. It features two exterior rear pockets and has two multi-chamber saddle pockets with room for all the nails, screws, tape measures, cell phones, wallets and beer bottles you could want.

The Workman’s also features “The Grip” retractable side hammer loop. This sturdy and adjustable loop can hold everything from a ballpein hammer to a DeWalt cordless drill no problem, and will keep even the biggest tool tight and secure all through your working day.

The Workman’s is sort of the mutant child of a Utilikilt and hardcore toolbelt.


  • Left side key clasp.
  • Nail pockets on top of sturdy cargo pockets
  • Top-to-bottom pleats keep the Workman’s hanging right all through your working day.
  • Big metal rivets at all pocket stress points keep your pockets tight and make your Utilikilt look that little bit more badass.
  • Circular (Form Follows Function) logo on the back right pocket with UTILIKILTS in big chunky block letters underneath.
  • Loop & Toggle Modesty closure system (closes the pleats up while still looking good)
  • Reinforced lap pleats
  • Wallet grip back pockets
  • Wicking cotton twill liner at  interior front apron, upper yokes and rear adjustable panel
  • WARNING - The Workman’s Kilt is a tough tool and a break-in period is required.  If you are not committed to the process, it may wear you down before you wear it in.

The Workman’s is a tough Utilikilt for tough folks with tough jobs. If you wear it to a desk job, everyone will know you’re overqualified.

| kyle ellis 28-08-2018 21:01

I have purchased 4 kilts from these guys over the years. Even bought a leather one. I have one in particular that I have wore thru 15 Goruck Challenges, 3 tough mudders and several other random mud runs such as Spartan and Savage. I has taken literally hundreds of hours of straight up abuse. It`s a little faded these days and has some barbed wire scars but still wears like the day i bought it. (it fits a bit tighter these days). I also own a few off brand kilts, purchased cause i needed a kilt for a certain event or certain color and it wasnt going to be worn much so I bought something cheaper. And it shows. That $70 or $50 kilts is not that same thing you get from utilikilt. not even close . Size your ass the way they say to and youll be golden. My absolute favorite kilt is my black leather Utilikilt. It`s like a leather biker jacket but for your bottom half. Its been thru several Dropkick Murphy pits and was still worthy to wear for a wedding in Ireland. I wish i could get away with wearing a kilt every day, Id buy more from these guys.

| Sean 28-08-2018 17:56

Bought one last black Friday when they had a special discount on them! I had no issues using the website to place my order and use the discount, and I love that PayPal means my purchase is secure and seamless.
I did have a question about something, though, so I gave them a call to confirm. The person who answered my call was awesome, knew exactly what I needed and offered plentiful information!

Would do business again. One of my kilts is over two years old and worn almost daily, still in great shape. My workman's is still a great looking kilt that I actually tend to wear to formal occasions!

| John Day 28-08-2018 16:51

The kilts are great. I own one and find quality really great. I have been trying to order one for a good friend's birthday. I live in Arizona so my only option is to buy online.

Of course, I first went to Amazon because their customer shopping experience is so easy. Sadly, I can't buy actual "Utilikilts" on Amazon. So, I tried ordering at Utilikilts online. Trying to figure out what size is really confusing and it's not clear to me as if returns are an option if I make a mistake. The delivery time takes way, way longer than should be acceptable in 2018. Are these custom made? If so, why? And Utilikilts are WAY more expensive than every other alternative.

In the end, I am okay with the cumbersome ordering, the confusing sizing instructions, and the fact that it is 4x more expensive than every other competing product. I'm even okay with the long and indeterminate delivery times, which means I'll miss the actual birthday. The original Utilikilts are that well made.

If only I could have figured out how to give Utilikilts my money.

The on-line shopping experience would not even rank as a #1, because I simply cannot complete my order. Really horrible experience. I have to use PayPal, for some reason. I tried repeatedly to enter my credit card number. I signed up as a member, which is not something I want to do just to buy something. My payment would not go through. Every effort failed.

It seems to me as though Utilikilt either needs to offer a workable online shopping experience or not.

If every there was an example as to why is taking over the world, this is it. At least I can give them my money.

| John 28-06-2018 21:56

Bear with me please...Flat out, hands down, the BEST utility kilt you can get... and I have several. I only wear Utilikilts now. FIRST and foremost, the closure method. I LOVE the simplicity of the 6 button apron. Easy on & easy off. No buckles or straps on the side to jack with like on most other "utility kilts"...I like to call it "easy on, easy off". ( I can see / understand having them on a tartan kilt for traditional purposes but we're not talking about a tartan kilt now, are we...?) SECOND, the fit. How many of us have bought kilts that claim to be "adjustable" in size with several extra sets of buttons along the waist ? Well, their claim is all fine and dandy if you stay within a 1/2 size because any more and you're SOL. You may be able to adjust your waist size up or down with them but a lot of ppl don't take into consideration the apron buttons. Aye, let out or tighten up a size or two on those other kilts and try to button your apron up.. The button don't align and it looks like Schmitt because the apron button are off kilter.. With Utilikilt and their switchback design your kilt look awesome no matter how much you let in or out because the alignment of the snaps on the apron stays the same. You simply adjust the lacing / velcro in the back for a perfect look and fit. THIRD, 12 Oz of ducky toughness. I work in my shop building longbows, leather working, homebrewing and woodworking. For a kilt, I need a something sturdy... not something flimsy and weak that'll rip if it catches on a snag. The Duck cloth that Utilikilts uses has held up to everything I've thrown at it ... in my shop, out playing discgolf or running the town. Not to mention the fact that these are the only kilts I don't need to starch & iron. Aye, I'm an old ironworker.. I'm used to starching my blues & carhartts. Throw your Utilikilt in the wash, hang it to dry and snap the pleats and you're set. I could go on and on but the bottom line is … Aye , you'll pay a little more for a Utilikilt than those other poser kilts … But after you get it, wear it and put it to the test , you'll know where exactly where those extra $ went. Incidentally, I've just been informed to add that as much as I like the "easy on, easy off" of my Utilikilt, my gf likes it more ;) Cheers

4 stars based on 4 reviews